About Us

Since 2008, Manuela Schatzmann, a Swiss national, had been traveling to the Philippines on a regular basis. During this time, she had the opportunity to get to know the Filipinos and their culture up close and personal. She fell in love with the country and its people. In the course of the years and through further contact and meetings with local like-minded groups, the idea of establishing a non-profit organization to aid Filipinos crossed her mind.


Isang Bata - Isang Mundo was founded by Manuela Schatzmann in 2014 and is currently registered in the commercial register.


Translated from Filipino, Isang Bata - Isang Mundo means One Child - One World. As such, projects supported by the organization are focused primarily on children.


The organization consists of the following board members: Manuela Schatzmann (President), Karin Schatzmann (Vice-President) and Claudia Haussener (Auditor).


Isang Bata - Isang Mundo's purpose is to support non-profit organizations in the Philippines, help organize events and promote a cultural understanding between Switzerland and the Philippines. These are the organization's objectives and it is not oriented to make a profit from any of its projects.


It is important for the members of the organization that the financial support given to any partner/recipient in the form of donations be tracked accordingly. In this light, a representative is always present on site, is directly involved and follows through the projects with their partner/recipient.


The long term goal of the organization is to be able to carry out its own independent projects in the Philippines and be registered as a non-profit organization locally. In the meantime, viable und sustainable projects are Isang Bata - Isang Muno's priority.